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Design Thinking in PK-G1

In recent months, I have been developing an online course module to introduce early childhood educators to the design thinking process. Design thinking promotes problem solving and self-reflection. Early educators have long been promoters of creativity and exploration, but I have found that many are unfamiliar with the design thinking process even though the skills... Continue Reading →

Ensuring Equity in Assessments

I shared five essential questions to ask myself while developing appropriate assessments for my students. Overall, these questions guide a teacher towards an assessment that matches the needs of students, offers opportunities to receive feedback and make improvements, and will give information that will improve the effectiveness of future lessons. However, one additional element is... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Self-Assessment

Reflecting on where I started. Back in May, I began a deep dive into assessment by identifying three things I believe to be true of all assessments. As my understanding has grown, so have the things I know to be true. I have been reflecting along the way but would like to use this post... Continue Reading →

Creating Games, Gaining Assessments

As I explore the role of games in assessment, I am expanding my vocabulary of some essential elements. Semiotic Domain: use of a set of modalities to communicate specific kinds of meaning (Gee, 2003). Internal Grammar [🍃, 🍎]: is "the principles and patterns in terms of which one can recognize what is and what is... Continue Reading →

Designing Assessments in Blackboard CourseSites

Blackboard CourseSites. This free, course management site (CMS) is not one I have used in the past. As I have explored its features and implications for assessment, I have been impressed with the options available. Recently, I developed a professional development learning experience for teachers in early childhood settings to explore design thinking. After providing... Continue Reading →

Blackboard CourseSites- A Critical Review

I'm taking a closer look at Blackboard CourseSites to explore the assessment capabilities of this course management system (CMS). What is it capable of and what are its limitations? Which features might not traditionally be associated with assessment that could be leveraged in new ways? Features of BlackboardUse for AssessmentBlackboard CollaborateHost live sessions with students... Continue Reading →

Assessment Design Checklist 3.0

Over the past month, I have been developing a checklist of questions to ask myself while designing effective assessment for my students. Earlier versions are available here and here, but this table represents my final checklist. View the full document here. QuestionsEvidence of UnderstandingHave I started by articulating the needs of all students?- My assessment... Continue Reading →

Assessment Design Checklist 2.0

In a previous blog, I began to think about the questions that I should be asking myself. Previously, my list included just two questions, but now, my growing list of questions includes these four: QuestionsEvidence of UnderstandingHave I started by articulating the needs of all students?- My assessment was created after taking inventory of my... Continue Reading →

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