About Me

I’m a native Californian and have called Greater Los Angeles my home as I took off on new adventures around the globe.

I graduated from Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania with a degree and certification in Elementary Education and Middle School Math. With no jobs on the horizon in Pennsylvania, I widened my search globally and applied to a few places “just for fun” and I ultimately decided to focus on international schools. In August 2011, I accepted a PreK teaching position at 3e International School in Beijing, China.

3e International School Campus

My time at 3e was a period of learning, growing, and contributing. After 2 years teaching Pre-Kindergarten, I stepped out of the classroom to work specifically on developing the new parent portal and website, training teachers and parents. I dove into projects in all departments. After 2 years as Academic Assistant, I returned to the US briefly and working in California opened my eyes to just how much I enjoyed the freedom of working at an independent school free to drive the curriculum and assessment in a direction that best meets the needs of students. I returned to 3e as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher for the remainder of the school year and then stepped right back into my role as Academic Assistant, but began taking on more responsibilities for planning professional development, administering student assessments, recruiting and hiring teachers, admissions, and more.

Chinese calligraphy practice

In February 2018, I transitioned to Assistant Principal. I was eager to take on a larger leadership role with our team of 34 early years teachers by providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment for bilingual learners.  It was a year of redefining the vision and direction of the school and I left in October 2018.

Nanwai King’s College School
The Kindergarten campus at NKCS

In January 2019, I joined Nanwai King’s College School in Wuxi, China, to teach KG1. Being part of a school in its inaugural year gave me new insights to the structures and processes that go into establishing a healthy school environment. It also offered many opportunities to be creative and develop unique learning opportunities for students. In July 2020, I made my way back to Los Angeles, where I now reside.

I am also following my passion for technology in education by pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology through Michigan State University and expect to complete my degree in August 2020. Currently, I am very interested in research, particularly in the field of early education and developmentally appropriate practices for technology integration.

Photo credit: Arial view of Nanwai King’s College School courtesy of the NKCS Marketing Department. All other photos are my own.

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