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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to a space dedicated to empowering teachers to develop engaging learning experiences for young learners around the world. This platform exists for the advancement of innovative learning experiences for young learners. I strive to use technology to bring the community into the classroom and promote communication and collaboration from all corners of the world.

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On campus at Nanwai King’s College School.

I’m Renee Stump and I have been working in education since 2011. Most of my career has taken place overseas and I have had unique opportunities to teach and lead in International Schools. In August 2020, I continued my career in Castaic, CA, and I’m excited to bring my global perspective, flexible mindset, and passion for personalized, developmentally appropriate teaching to a new school environment. I want my students to face the problems around them and seek to make their communities better places for all. I’m passionate about design thinking and diving deep into subject matter. Welcome to my portfolio.

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